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Central Monitoring station controls, coordinates and communicates information shared, provided and produced by security systems, equipment and personnel. Events captured by security systems are closely analyzed by Central Monitoring Station manned 24 x 7. The information captured which is sensitive in nature are protected and passed to concerned authority.  Close Monitoring of security assets installed in different locations are monitored simultaneously.

Features of Central Monitoring System:

·        Centrally control and monitor different sensor and security equipment installed at different facilities centrally.

·        MCB (Mission Control Board) , dispatches and informs the team in case of an event is triggered into their respective zones or station.

·        Trigger Zones and stations can be created and monitoring plan can be created accordingly.

·        Many features are available to automate the alarm processing as much as possible. Schedules for arming/disarming systems (open and close), order by priority level, automatic log without operator intervention, etc…

·        SMS or Emails can be instantly sent to the respective stakeholders or team members in case of any event log.

·        Can be easily integrated and installed in mobile devices with easy mobile apps.