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Introducing the latest in the field of perimeter security G-Force has Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) , which is the latest in the field of perimeter security developed by French Company, SORHEA, based in lyon..It has been developing perimeter defences , intursion systems which aims at securing sensetive sites since 1987.

What is PIDS ?

PIDS is Perimeter Intrusion detection system is a integrated system comprising of components like  active fence shock sensors, cable sensors, microwave barries, laser detectors , infrared sensors and video analystics.

G-FENCE 3000 ( Fence Shock Detection System )

Out of the various intrusion detection components G-Force has introduced G-Fence 3000, which is one of the primary  component of the PIDS, which can be used  in fence to detect unusual movements.G-Fence 3000 detects all attempts to cut, to climb, and pull out by accelorometer technology. The unusual detection will be relayed to the control monitoring station. It ignores other disturbances caused by meterological phenomenons like rain, winds or vibrations caused by vehicles.

Main Features of G-Fence 3000:

·        Uses Accelorometer Technology                                                                                                                        

·       HTTPS controlled

·        Zoning capability

·        Solar powered

·        Visualization and localization of  the intrusions.

·        Integrated led on each  sensors (for sensitivity and  maintenance)

·        localization of communication errors finding enabled.

·        wiring errors fault findings enabled.

·        Strong cable resistant to bending  and traction.

SOLARIS - Active infrared Barrier

Solaris is state of art technology that uses latest state of art Infra-Red (IR) technology which is totally dedicated to transmit intrusion detection, disqualification and anti-climb. It is totally operated by solar insolation and low light conditions, which enabled it to be operated until 3 months even in power Loss. It creates a wireless Mesh and transmits signal to the control unit.

Main features:

·        Wireless.

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