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We were a bunch of dreamers back then and now it’s been 14 years, serving for the security of our clients. What began as a small firm with just a few members has risen up to stand tall amongst the security companies of the time with more than 4000+ employees, expanding our business from just a manpower based security company to integrating the company with advanced technology. 

It is for our team’s enthusiasm, support and dedication that have brought us to this height. G-Force essentially believes in transparency, discipline, honesty and professionalism. Based on these values, G-Force is standing firmly in its foundations and leading its way. G-Force, I proclaim, has emerged as the security company of choice in Nepal.

We were involved in our operation to provide wider participation of support services as security services, training institute, maintenance services, and security equipments. As we all enter into the world of technology, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have now introduced the electronic surveillance system, which we have embedded with our guarding facility of our clients. 

Our company has countless achievements and accomplishments since the year of establishment which proved to be exceptionally productive as we have launched more than 10 international surveillance products. We are committed to recruiting, planning, coaching and training talented professionals.

In the coming years, G-Force security plans to keep the business and relation growth and continue to provide our customers nothing less than the best security. With this integrated guarding system with recent advancements and high reputations, we thrive to give better security solutions to the banking, industrial, educational, and other business sectors to explore the new heights.

Lt.Col(Retd.) Jayendra Bir Singh Basnyat