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Advanced Perimeter Protection system through the installation of the SORHEA equipment’s provides security of the entire premises through Infrared Barriers, Dual Technology Detectors, Shock Detection Cables.Any unusual activities within the boundary are immediately noticed which triggers the alarm at the control room for immediate action. This system is 100% intrusion free system and it lowers human effort.


 SOLARIS - Infrared Barrier

SOLARIS is a 100m ranged wireless active infrared barrier and is fully autonomous device. This technology enables alarm information to take several paths simultaneously to reach the radio coordinator and thus ensure a high level of security.

G-FENCE 3000

G-FENCE 3000 is a shock detection system for perimeter fences and detects fence vibrations generated by intrusion attempts by cutting, climbing or pulling out the fence. In case of intrusions, it then transmits the alarm information. With its 3200 m of detection per system, G-FENCE is ideal for securing long perimeters.