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Video Management System (VMS) is software for “IP surveillance” and digital image storage. Video management System is a system integrator that integrates various hardware elements and devices to give a logical interface that is very much advanced and rich in features. VMS can be integrated with various devices like IP Based surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems, license plate recognition devices, thermal cameras etc.

VMS is the ultimate solution for the industry specific business verticals that range from corporate houses, commercial financial institutions, banking sectors, hospitals, education facilities, airports, warehouses, industries to name a few.

What exactly is Video Management System?

VMS is a technology, in which the software integrates the hardware devices which are connected in a network. VMS manages the data that is generated from the DVR or NVRs to generate live streaming and manage the recorded data. VMS is capable of logging live video triggered that can be integrated by the VMS. VMS is highly customizable to the client need of video data and analysis can be done accordingly. VMS provides reliable and proactive critical alerts of suspicious or criminal activity.

Features of VMS

·        Video Analytics

·        Video Synopsis

·        Facial Recognition

·        Access Control

·        License Plate Recognition (LPRs)

·        Integration with other devices

·        Video Surveillance, monitoring and intelligence.

Features Defined:

Video Synopsis is the feature in which the total recorded hours are compressed to minutes and can be reviewed which will reduce the countless hours of watching the total video to pin point the incident. It is done by applying filter which are done through differentiating by class and attributes.  The class is divided into person either man, woman, child or animals or vehicles like car, bus, jeep, aero plane, boat, train etc. The filters can be further applied through attributive properties like clothes, bags, suitcase etc. It can also be done through color, size; shape, direction, speed etc.can be applied and filtered.

Video Analytics is the feature in which detail analysis of the video recorded can be done. It can be done to analyze data which can be used to generate results like heat map, license plate recognition, custom paths, masking and de-masking, traffic management, aisle traffic management, where people spend most of the time and other analysis tools that can also be customized. It can also be applied for facial recognition, access control and can be used to integrate other security and management devices like POS machines, ATMs, or other similar devices which can be used to detect fraud in the system. It can also be used to detect abandoned objects or suspect search using PTZs.

VMS can also be integrated to devices such as fire alarm system, smoke detectors or other intrusion detection devices. VMS can also be integrated with google map to locate the devices and focus on a particular device at a time as well as multiple devices on a single timeframe.

VMS platform adopted by G-Force Security is a total open platform and is a totally customizable and client friendly platform. The system incorporates the input provided by the client to customize the VMS platform in accordance to the client’s needs.


VMS is an integration technology therefore, it doesn’t have its own specific hardware but it can be integrated to most of the devices that are found in the market. The existing systems which are based on DVRs and NVRs can be safely integrated to the VMS and the system can be migrated to the VMS platform server. Therefore, VMS are a cost effective solution to a safer technological migration.

VMS Architecture:

The VMS is based on server-client architecture. It is stabilized by a solid-coding and performance driven philosophy. It is user friendly, more responsive and less CPU intensive. It is extremely light on IT infrastructure due to low bandwidth. It also supports cameras with smart cards storage system. It uses high tech video compression format like H264, MPEG with its own supported codec.

Advantages of Switching to the VMS

·        High level integration of various devices into single software to obtain single command control over the devices and its use.

·        Packed with multi features and attributes to get the optimum effectiveness and efficiency of the Camera or other integrated devices.

·        It can be used to pin-point objects and persons specifically to be used for further analysis.

·        It reduces the event search time in case of searching for an event.

·        It records data logs, intrusion logs and other information for Deep Learning by the system to increase its database library.

·        Existing analog and IP systems can be easily and safely migrated to be integrated by the VMS.

·        Cost effective solution to the application of technology and economic.