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Guarding Service is the primary function of G-Force Security Pvt. Ltd. Being a Professional Security Organization G-Force offers a wide range of services and equipment for all kinds of facilities, premises and operations. The Company is committed to provide quality service in all it service sectors.  G-Force provides well trained smartly uniformed and well supervised guards for security and safety of assets, personnel and property. Guarding services are carried out by way of providing guards for static posts and mobile patrols for all types of premises equipped with basic or advanced security equipment depending upon the clientele needs. Our guards / Officers undertake a range of roles includingStatic guarding including access control, gatehouse, asset protection and screening

Mobile patrols and alarm responses

    Central Monitoring Stations (Alarm monitoring, Video surveillance)
    Covert loss prevention
    Bodyguards and close personal protection for VIPs                                       
    Quick Response Team (Alarm reaction units , Rescue, Medics)


G-FORCE SECURITY introduces and uses the latest state - of - art equipment and technologies that will cater your need of high tech security surveillance and protection , assets guarding tracking and management systems, Night Vision devices, Perimeter Intrusion and Detection system and other equipment that will protect your assets and systems.

G-Force Security has signed business and technical collaboration deals with brands that has already proven their accomplishments in the field of security management, assets tracking and monitoring, perimeter and intrusion detection systems and other security systems that will help you to keep track of your security status.


G-Force is committed in quality and therefore doesn’t compromise with slackness of its guard to ensure proper duty in any possible situations. G-Force conducts workforce assessment in every three months regarding their duty fitness, responsiveness, and operational readiness for any situations. G-Force conducts basic, refresher, advance and specific courses for its workforce. G-Force has established a full-fledged training school comprising of all the basic and advanced elements to carry out security as well as other technical and vocational training, which ensures on the job training and even employing after successful completion depending upon vacancy requirements. The refresher and advanced training is based on need assessment of the workforce and is customized according to the specific requirements like disaster management, firefighting, advanced equipment handling, and or other specific training.


G-Force Security is dedicated to the protection of the client and their property. To ensure this it deploys assets tracking devices that enable the central monitoring station to track the assets as well as manage it effectively. Smart Locks enabled with GSM technology and GPS, RFID tracking and tagging systems, Active Guard patrol management system are some of the devices that uses the assets tracking and management services.


G-Force Security is always the first to respond when there is a signal from alarms or any other source of information. G-Force has a dedicated team of Security Guards and Officers stand-by and ready to move as soon as the alarm is triggered or upon any information that are assessed. The Quick Reaction Team ( QRT) comprises of a stand by vehicle mounted with radio set and light protection equipment (batons, helmets and other protection gears, net guns), GPS tracking system, On-Board Micro Control Room and Dash Board camera with incident recording.

G-Force Security has an added feature to boost the cash transfer capabilities. G-Force has introduced cash in transit vehicle with heavy reinforced compartment, protection of vehicles battery and electronic control modules, reinforced suspension, smart lock with on board GPS tracking system,on-board camera surveillance for both internal and external viewpoints, reinforced doors and double protection glass, security device control from the cabin        .    .